Featured Roofing Project: Scaling the Peaks

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Residential Roofing

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Roof Inspection, Storm Damage, Attic Leak Repair. New Roof Installation
Scaling the Peaks
Ground zero for this week’s Charlotte’s Best roof replacement is in Cramerton, NC. Gaston County. This one exercised the calves. A tall roof with steep valleys and pitches. The photos here show the roof skinned and rolled with synthetic underlayment. This underlayment is stretchy and 25x stronger than traditional felt paper. It will provide an extra dry barrier between the roof decking and the shingle.

Project Challenges

Attic leaks from aged shingles requires wood rot replacement.

The homeowner contacted Charlotte’s Best Roofing after noticing attic leaks. A licensed professional assessed that the roof was 19 years old and the leaks were due to wind damage exposing the shingle. Charlotte’s Best claims team helped the homeowner file the claim and submitted an in depth report that resulted in a full roof replacement. Use Charlotte’s Best for your next roofing project and have peace of mind filing with insurance.

Project Mission

Synthetic underlayment under a Certainteed architectural shingle. This roof will stay dry even in the roughest of storms. All new roof installations comes with a 10 year leak-free warranty. Licensed & Insured. Book Charlotte’s Best for your next roofing project.

Project Gallery

The complete collection of photos from this project.
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