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Six Turtles & the Rhino

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P1. Six Turtles & the Rhino

Charlotte’s Best installed a new roof in Mt. Holly, NC. Take notice of the 6 turtle vent holes along the top of the roof. These vents were previously used to help the attic breathe. Our roofers replaced all these turtle vents with ridge vent (a code upgrade) that sits along the peak of the roof. This ridge vent ventilates your attic and is superior to turtle vents because it has fewer moving parts, requires no power, and is less susceptible to hail. These photos also feature the Rhino synthetic underlayment along the decking in place of traditional 15lb felt paper. Rhino synthetic underlayment is a layer of absorbent material that lays beneath the shingles. It acts as an extra barrier against moisture. Rhino will provide 25x more absorption than felt and keeps the decking dry in the event that water penetrates the shingles.

Project Challenges

Replacing a leaking roof through insurance.

The Homeowner called reporting leaks in her bedroom and garage. Upon further inspection, a Charlotte’s Best is licensed roofer discovered hail and wind damage on the shingles and soft metal. Charlotte’s Best claim specialists fought to recover full replacement value from insurance. Our crew patched the holes and installed the roof with numerous upgrades such as ridge vent, synthetic underlayment, and drip edge.
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Project Mission

A beautiful Certainteed Charcoal Black roof fit for a king. Fit with all the upgrades such as ridge vent, synthetic underlayment, drip edge, and ice & water shield. Every roof comes with a 10 year leak-free warranty. Book Charlotte’s Best for your next roofing project.

Project Gallery

Complete photos from Project 1.
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