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The Valley of Ice & Water

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P2. The Valley of Ice & Water

Charlotte’s Best installed another new roof this week in Charlotte, NC. Mecklenburg county. Due to the steep nature of this roof’s valleys, ice & water shield was needed. The ice & water shield is visible in the featured photos. Ice & water shield is a solid membrane rolled in the valleys of your roof to provide an extra layer of absorption against water. When you use Charlotte’s Best as your roofing contractor, we always install ice & water shield in your valleys to assure maximum moisture protection.

Project Challenges

Climbing the steep valleys and insurance mountain.

The nature of this roof required ice and water shield in the valleys. It also required extra care because it is dangerous working on roofs as steep as this. Do you know what is even steeper than this roof? The mountain insurance makes you climb to receive s full roof replacement. Make sure you have a licensed roof contractor on your side when you file a claim. Charlotte’s Best claim specialists take care of the insurance headache so that you don’t have to.

Project Mission

What began as a call for a leaking chimney ended in a full roof replacement through insurance. The Certainteeed Charcoal black always pops and remains a customer favorite. Installed with all the latest code upgrades such as ridge vent, drip edge, synthetic underlayment, and ice & water shield, this roof is ready to go 20-30 years.

All new roof installations come with our 10-year leak-free warranty. Book a licensed contractor to come look at your next project.

Project Gallery

Complete photos from Project 3.
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