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Wind Damage Recovery

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Wind Damage Recovery

Ever seen wind damage on a shingle? This is what is looks like. Charlottes’ Best Roofing restored a wind damaged roof in Mooresville, NC. Iredell County.

Over time, the elements break down the adhesive that holds down your shingle. This causes it to lift when gusts of wind barrage your roof. Moisture gets under the shingle and begins to break it down. Wind damage is identified where the shingle lifts completely and “flaps” back and forth, causing the shingle to crease. Wind damage is covered by most homeowner’s policy.

Project Challenges

Restoring the roof from years of storm damage.

Wind, water, hail, and heat weather your roof, removing the granules and exposing the fiberglass beneath. When a roof ages beyond repair, a full roof replacement is required. Shingles are removed, rotted decking is restored with fresh wood, synthetic underlayment is laid, ridge vent and drip edge are added, and shingles are replaced.

Project Mission

This roof has been upgraded in multiple ways and is ready to take on another 20-30 years of North Carolina weather. Charlotte’s Best installs all roofs with the finest material and offers a 10 year leak-free warranty. Roofs are essential to your home’s integrity. Do it right. Do it once.

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Project Gallery

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