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Professional fire damage restoration services in North Carolina

Return to Normal After a Fire

Watching your business or home being destroyed by fire is devastating. Even when firefighters manage to contain the fire, the damage is already done. It’s estimated that $25.5 billion each year is lost through fire damage, and this is after the fire is extinguished.

Damage restoration companies are tasked with restoring businesses and homes affected to their pre-loss condition. At Charlotte’s Best Roofing and Restoration, our main objective is to provide you with swift damage restoration by leveraging our extensive expertise to minimize downtime.

You can trust our team to deliver efficient and effective solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Our insurance adjusters can also guide you through presenting a claim to your insurance company and negotiating for the best payout to cover the cost of restoration.

Residential and commercial fire damage restoration

Even if a fire is confined to a specific area in your business or home, smoke and soot can spread, causing serious structural damage.

Our damage restoration professionals are trained and use specialized equipment to handle fire damage cleanup and smoke odor removal. They exercise caution and take personal protective measures to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning, deodorization, and restoration of your property.

Commercial facilities we serve

Some commercial facilities we offer our services to include:

  • Resorts and hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Factory buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
Fire damage restoration process

The emotional impact of a fire can be profound for you and your family. As such, we’ve trained our team to be empathic to your situation and offer the support needed during the recovery process. Our process is straightforward and will get you the results you need. It includes:

Amidst the chaos and urgency of a fire, your priority should be to get yourself and your family to safety. When you’re safe, call in firefighters to quench the flames. And once the fire’s out, contact us to help you with the fire damage restoration process.

The first thing we’ll do when you contact us is visit your property for a damage assessment. However, our restoration pros can only enter your property once it’s been declared safe.

During the assessment, we’ll examine the structure to establish the extent of the fire, soot, and smoke damage. This step helps us determine what’s needed for restoration, how long it’ll take, and prepare an accurate cost estimate. We’ll also determine what items should be thrown out and what can be salvaged.

While our restoration services are often covered under home insurance policies, it is prudent for you to consult your insurance provider to understand the coverage details outlined in your policy.

If the soot damage is covered by insurance, we can help you with filing the claim. Our insurance adjusters will submit the relevant paperwork on your behalf and negotiate for the best payout based on our assessment.

Fires often leave homes and commercial buildings exposed. For instance, broken windows increase the risk of trespassers. To safeguard your property, our team will board up compromised walls and windows to provide an extra layer of protection against potential damage.

And if a section of the roof is missing, we’ll provide roof tarping to prevent rain, snow, and debris from entering the house, mitigating any additional risks.

The water used to put out a fire can cause more damage if you don’t act fast. Fires can also expose and damage pipes throughout a home or building, resulting in leaks that seep into the structure. If water damage is not dealt with quickly, you might experience mold growth or rust.

Once your property is protected, our water damage restoration team will take steps to remove the water and dry the property. We’ll remove personal property from the building and remove damaged flooring, drywall, and other materials.

Our water extraction team does the job using commercial-grade equipment to dry the inside of your home. These tools ensure the drying is done perfectly and in the least time possible.

Cleanup is by far the most intensive part of a restoration project. It requires a lot of manpower to clean smoke and soot residue from the exterior and interior surfaces and fabrics. Often, our team has to clean every inch of the affected surfaces.

Once the cleanup is done, we’ll use deodorizing agents to remove smoke odors. Our team will also apply antimicrobial chemicals to sanitize the property and prevent future mold growth.

The final stage of the fire restoration process involves the actual restoration or remodeling of a property to its pre-fire condition. In the initial assessment, the team of fire damage restoration experts will have pinpointed the part of the building that cannot be salvaged and needs removal and replacement.

At this stage, our team may replace or rebuild the roof, repair electrical wiring, replace and repaint drywalls, and replace fixtures, interior counters, and flooring materials.

In cases where the property damage is more extensive, the restoration process may involve the complete reconstruction of one or more rooms in your home.

The final stage of the fire restoration process involves the actual restoration or remodeling of your home to its pre-fire condition. This comprehensive step may entail the removal and replacement of damaged drywall, as well as the installation of new carpeting or floorboards.

For instance, if your drywall has been compromised due to water saturation during firefighting efforts, it will no longer provide structural integrity and will need to be replaced.

Our team will carefully assess your property to identify areas that require rebuilding, and we’ll handle all aspects of the installation and painting process for you.

In cases where the fire damage is more extensive, the restoration process may involve the complete reconstruction of one or more rooms in your home.

Why Trust Us After a Fire

Emergency Service

A fire can break out at any time, and our team is ready to take your call. Contact us for emergency fire cleanup, smoke damage, and fire damage restoration.

Highly Trained Fire and Water Restoration Specialists

Our team of fire damage restoration experts possess the knowledge and equipment to effectively complete the task to your utmost satisfaction.

Good Reputation in the Fire Cleanup and Fire Damage Restoration Industry

We’re a trusted name in the fire damage restoration industry of Charlotte, NC.

Preferred Vendor Status

Many national and local Insurance companies trust in our years of experience in cleanup and restoration.

Easier Insurance Claims Process

Our licensed insurance adjusters will help you navigate the insurance claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork for a quicker, easier experience.

Professional Restoration Services in North Carolina

Fire Damage Restoration
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