Charlottes Best Roofing and Restoration contractors specialize in roof repair and replacement, gutters, siding, and insurance claims management. Serving Charlotte, Matthews, Mooresville, Statesville, Denver, Hickory, Lincolnton, and Gastonia.


Charlotte’s Best Does MORE than Replace Your Shingles & Paper.

We Remove all Wood Rot, add Synthetic Underlayment, Ice & Water Shield, Ventilation, and Bring Your Roof up to Code.

2021-05-25 | Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Storm Damage
2021-05-25 | Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Storm Damage
2021-05-25 | Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Storm Damage
2021-04-04 | Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Storm Damage
2020-12-25 | Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Storm Damage


Success is in The Details
Charlotte’s Best Roofing and Restoration eliminates wood rot & upgrades your roof with the finest materials. Insurance only pays to replace what is already on your roof. Charlotte’s Best goes out of pocket to upgrade your roof, permanently adding value. Check out five upgrades that set our roofs apart from the competition.
Drip edge is a specifically designed flashing installed at all eaves and rake edges to direct water away from the fascia. Drip edge protects the fascia and roof deck edges from wind-driven rain. Charlotte’s Best Roofing installs a drip edge on your home and brings it up to code even if insurance does not pay to replace it.
A woven synthetic underlayment that replaces traditional 15 lb. felt paper. 25x stronger and tear-resistant, providing safer work surfaces for installers and superior redundant systems of weather protection. Charlotte’s Best Roofing will upgrade your roof underlayment even if you currently have 15lb paper. No cost to you.
What is Wood Rot?
Wood rot is mold decay due to prolonged exposure to moisture. If moisture is able to penetrate the shingles, it will build, decaying the wood roof underneath. This makes the wood soft and leads to leaks in the house. Charlotte’s Best Roofing replaces all wood rot on your roof decking with new OSB. Insurance does not pay for wood rot replacement and as a result, many roofers skip this important step.
Built With:

Quality Materials, Licensed Roofers, Bonded & Insured


Highly Rated on Google, BBB, Facebook, & Nextdoor. 90% of our projects are referral-based


We live in this community. It is in our interest to build it better and put our name on only the best work

A Charlotte’s Best Roof is built to weather the storm. We construct using the highest grade materials so your roof stays dryer longer.
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