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Your home is one of the biggest investments you have. You and your family spend most of your time in it, so it makes sense to protect it with a quality roof. To do this effectively, you should hire the help of a professional roofing contractor for maintenance, repair, and replacement.

At Charlotte’s Best Roofing and Restoration, we have a team of roofers who are skilled in delivering quality custom roofing solutions. We work with a range of roofing materials and take precautions to guarantee the safety of our staff and your family.

Mooresville roofing services

Charlotte’s Best Roofing and Restoration offers a range of roofing services. Whether it’s a new roof installation, roofing repairs, waterproofing, or maintenance, our team will deliver beyond your expectations.

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Mooresville roof repairs

You will know you need a roof repair when:

  • Water leaks – If there’s water seeping through the roof and your attic during or after heavy rain, you should have your roof repaired. Cracks or holes in the roof could cause the roof to leak. Our skilled team will inspect the crack and leak and any underlying water damage to determine the extent of the repair project.
  • Your roof sags – If you have a sagging roof, call our professional roofers immediately for inspection and repair. Sagging means there’s excess weight on the roof, including having too many shingles, a weak roof structure, or water damage. Regardless of the cause, we can restore the roof’s integrity.
  • You have damaged shingles – Broken, curled, missing, or dented shingles are a definite sign you need a roof repair. If the shingles are dented, bent, or broken, there’s no chance for repair. Instead, a replacement is best.

Mooresville roof replacements

When it’s time for a roof replacement, have it done using a qualified contractor and the best roofing materials in North Carolina. You will know your roof needs a replacement instead of a repair due to:

    • Age: Different roofing materials have different lifespans. Life can also be greatly prolonged due to proper maintenance. Most roofs last 15-30 years. If your roof falls within this range, contact a qualified contractor to give you an honest assessment.
    • Mold growth: If your roof looks green, it may be because of mold. Generally, their presence may not necessitate urgent replacement. But if your roof is also leaking, you need an expert roofing team to evaluate the stability and quality of our current roof.
    • Continuous repairs: With regular maintenance and repair, your roof can last a long time. But when the time comes when you are constantly repairing your roof, it may be more cost-effective to have a complete roof replacement.
More Than Just Roofing
Water Damage

Water damage clean-up, dry out, and restoration

Fire Damage

Smoke and fire damage restoration. Deep clean, odor removal

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation, Black Mold Removal


Roof Repair and Replacement. Shingle, Metal, and Flat

Mooresville roof installation

Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and functionality of your roof. Our team is well-trained in the trade of roof installation. We’ll ensure your roof is waterproof and aesthetically pleasing. We’ll also guide you in choosing roofing material based on your roof’s slope, maintenance, efficiency, and durability.

Some of the roofing materials we use include:

  • Asphalt roofing – Asphalt shingles are affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance roofing materials. They are available in different colors, textures, and styles.
  • Metal roofing – Many metal roofs use aluminum, copper, titanium, and zinc alloy. These roofs are durable, rarely rust, and offer a sleek design in multiple colors. They are a perfect choice if you need a low-maintenance roof.
  • Flat roofing – For a long time, flat roofs were for industrial and commercial buildings. But they are more and more being used on residential homes. We offer flat roofing services and work with the best materials to prevent leaks and provide strength and longevity.
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Mooresville roofing inspections

Regular roof inspections are important in helping to catch potential issues before they become costly problems. Our roofing professionals offer comprehensive roof inspections to give you peace of mind.

We meticulously assess your roof’s condition, identify any existing or potential issues, and provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs. For instance, you may call us for a missing shingle, but during the inspection, we discover active leaks around the chimney and pipe boots. We are going to produce economical solutions for all the issues.

Mooresville storm damage restoration

North Carolina’s unpredictable weather can sometimes lead to unexpected roof damage due to storms. When your roof sustains storm damage, you can rely on our emergency roof repairs to provide efficient restoration services.

Our storm damage repair process includes:

  • Free inspection: The process begins with a thorough inspection to assess the roof damage. Some of the damage can be obvious, but others may not be. If not addressed, the hidden damage will cause premature roof aging and leaks. It is important to remember that INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER LONG TERM DAMAGE so make sure you catch the leak early by having licensed professionals out every few years.
  • Insurance claims and supplements: If we find severe roof damage, we recommend you file a claim with the insurance company. Our insurance adjusters will help with the filing, meet with adjusters, and ensure proper documentation is shared with the insurance company.
  • Estimate: After the claim is confirmed and you receive an insurance estimate, we will ensure every restoration component is captured in the estimate. Our goal is to ensure you get a fair claim.
  • Repairs: Once the claim is settled, our roofing specialists will start the storm damage restoration. This includes fixing damage from fallen trees, wind, and hail.
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Mooresville roofing frequently asked questions

Should I replace my roof if it’s not leaking?

You should consider roof replacement when the roof is close to the end of its lifespan, even when there is no visible leaking. Waiting for a long time could be dangerous and lead to costly problems.

Is a 20-year-old roof too old?

It depends on the expected lifespan of the roofing material used. For instance, asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 15-30 years. If your roof is 20 years old, we recommend having it inspected for damaged or missing shingles.

What kinds of damage do storms cause to roofs?

Storm damage to roofs can include clogged and damaged gutters, loose or missing shingles, granule loss, hail impact, lighting damage, and fallen debris.

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When it comes to your roofing needs in North Carolina, Charlotte’s Best Roofing and Restoration is the roofing company you can rely on. The commitment of our experienced roofing contractors to using quality materials and providing a wide range of roofing services makes us the preferred choice for residential and commercial roofing services.

For all your roofing needs, contact us at (704) 345-9446. Let our Mooresville roofing contractors provide you with peace of mind and protect your most valuable investment with our professional roofing solutions. Don’t wait; ensure the safety and integrity of your roof.

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